The Cancer Chronicles

Issues #36-37 (Double Issue)

February, 1997

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  • Editorial: Save Burzynski!
    Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski is arguably the most prominent alternative cancer doctor in the world. He has invented a whole new type of treatment and given hope to many otherwise despondent people. His conviction would be a defeat for all cancer patients and all dedicated doctors.

  • Update on the Burzynski trial, as of 2/15/97
    How the F.D.A. has persecuted an innovative scientist and a decent human being. A blow-by-blow account of the first five weeks of this historic trial. (See also the latest update.)

  • Right Heart Catheter May Cause Patient Deaths
    A shocking story about "scientific medicine." A common procedure is found to kill tens of thousands of patients. What happens when a brave doctor discovers that a procedure which he himself uses does more harm than good?

  • Progress Noted for Alternative Medicine
    The astonishing march of complementary medicine around the world. How and why one Indian state has embraced traditional medicine? What is the W.H.O. up to? And what does the august New England Journal of Medicine say about one particular "herb"?

  • Melatonin and Breast Cancer
    Suddenly, everybody seems to be taking this pineal gland hormone. Is it the "fountain of youth" or a dangerous trend? What do we really know about its impact on breast cancer?

  • Link Between Trophoblasts and Cancer Corroborated
    One of the most persistent theories of cancer has been that it is, in effect, "pregnancy in the wrong time and place." Dismissed as a crackpot idea just a few years ago, there is now new thinking about this unconventional view.

  • New Evidence on MTH-68
    MTH-68 is a treatment based on administering a harmless virus. New data suggests how becoming infected with one virus might actually help knock out another. Lessons from the natural history of hepatitis applied to cancer.
  • And Now, Colds Against Cancer?
    In the same vein, could the common cold virus be used as a new cancer treatment?

  • Noni: A Preliminary Report
    What is noni juice and why is everyone suddenly talking about it? Is noni a five-day wonder, merely a Net marketing phenomenon, or something worth considering? A preliminary report on the science--and economics--behind this Polynesian upstart.

  • Bookmarks: 'We Have Conquered Pain'
    Nitrous oxide and ether started out as lecture hall amusements, and it was years before the medical profession embraced them for pain relief. Important lessons to be drawn from the history of anesthesia. Also, do the right people always get credit for their own discoveries?

  • Editorial: See You Online
    In which, after eight years, we say goodbye to the printed version of the Chronicles and throw ourselves into the arms of the Internet.

    Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. is director of the The Moss Reports for cancer patients. Dr. Moss is the author of eleven books and three documentaries on cancer-related topics. He is or has been an advisor on alternative cancer treatments to the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, the American Urological Association, Columbia University, the University of Texas, the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the German Society of Oncology. He wrote the first article on alternative medicine for the Encyclopedia Britannica yearbook. He is listed in Marquis Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in the East, and Who's Who in Entertainment (as a film documentarian). This Web site does not advocate any particular treatment for cancer. We urge you to always seek competent medical advice for all health problems, especially cancer. Before consulting our site please read our full Disclaimer statement.

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