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Alternative Medicine Online
by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.
Alternative Medicine Online: A Guide to Natural Remedies on the Internet. Your guide to the best of alternative health online. Here is the perfect companion for anyone interested in traveling off the beaten path to explore the world of alternative medicine. With his trademark blend of clarity, wit and common sense, veteran science writer Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. is your tour guide to the hard-to-find "back roads" of the Information Superhighway. The easy-to-use format directs you to the most useful, intriguing and sometimes off-beat sites online. So buckle your seat belt, boot up your computer, and explore the world of alternative medicine in cyberspace.
Softcover - 216 pages - $12.95
ISBN: 1-881025-10-1

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Questioning Chemotherapy

Questioning Chemotherapy
by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.
Finally, a powerful and intelligent critique of chemotherapy! This brand new book from acclaimed medical writer Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. probes the scientific and statistical evidence to reveal the shocking truth: Chemotherapy is inappropriate, ineffective and, in fact, dangerous for most of the people who receive it. And yet up to 600,000 Americans every year get chemo at their doctor's recommendation. Moss closely examines such issues as Chemo Success and Failure Rates for Over 50 Types of Cancer; The Latest News on Bone Marrow Transplants; Bias and Fraud in Pro-Chemo Studies; Does Adjuvant Chemotherapy Work; and How To Counter Side Effects. Also included is a complete description of the major chemotherapy drugs and a special section on How to Question Your Doctor. One of the most important health books of the decade.
Softcover - 250 pages - $19.95
ISBN: 1-881025-25-X

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Cancer TherapyCancer Therapy: The Independent Consumer's Guide to Non-Toxic Treatment & Prevention
by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.
You want the full story on non-toxic treatment and prevention, and that's exactly what this landmark book delivers. Cancer Therapy is a must for cancer patients and their families who want: Practical information on the most promising non-toxic treatments; Scientific evidence in readable language; Well-documented resource lists and medical references. Author Ralph W. Moss, PhD, has been called "possibly the best science writer in our midst" and a "revolutionary in the war on cancer." This outstanding book is rightly described as the Bible of Alternative Cancer Treatment. Read it carefully and buy a copy for everyone you love.
Softcover - 523 pages - $19.95
ISBN: 1-881025-06-3

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Cancer IndustryThe Cancer Industry
by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.
Gripping and controversial, this classic expose by a former insider reveals the web of political and economic forces within the cancer establishment. Included are such topics as: How Drug Companies Influence Research; How Major Industries Block Prevention; How the ACS Blacklists Alternative Treatments; and more. The Cancer Industry created a storm of controversy when it was first published in 1980, featured on "60 Minutes" and widely serialized. The accuracy of its analysis has now been proven by the test of time. The United States War on Cancer is now "celebrating" its 25th anniversary. But establishment medicine's inability to come up with a cure for even one statistically major form of cancer cries out for an explanation. This book provides a sane and sober analysis of the political and economic forces that stand in the way of a cure. An intriguing and exceptionally well-written page turner.
Softcover - 523 pages - $16.95
ISBN: 1-881025-09-8

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Wellness GeneralSee Yourself Well: For People with Cancer
See Yourself Well: For General Wellness
by Anne Beattie, M.A., L.MTh
Powerful and enriching, these tapes (sold individually) are wonderful journeys to relaxation, stress reduction, and healing. Anne Beattie gently leads the listener through a series of whole body relaxation exercises and health-affirming images designed to increase feelings of inner wellness. The tapes are so relaxing that you will want to use them again and again. They also make a wonderful gift.

Important Note: While the See Yourself Well tapes are very similar in their techniques and benefits (too similar to buy both for the same person, for example), there are some important differences. The cancer tape uses images that focus the listener's imagination on erasing the presence of cancerous cells. It is best for those who are currently battling cancer. The general wellness tape does not contain specific cancer imagery and is most often purchased by those in remission or without cancer.
60 minutes each - $10.95 each
ISBN 1-881025-30-6 (Cancer)
ISBN 1-881025-31-4 (General)


ChronicleGaston Naessens and 714X:
A Cancer Chronicles Special Double Issue (Fall 1994)

Few scientists have generated as much controversy as Gaston Naessens. An almost mythical figure in the world of cancer alternatives, Naessens lives and works quietly in a small town in Quebec. But his theories could shake the foundations of biology. A one-of-a-kind resource, this readable and informative special issue discusses in detail: the work of Gaston Naessens, his theory of cancer, his unique high-power microscope called the Somatoscope, and the fascinating treatment he calls 714X.
16 pages - $5.00

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ChronicleColey's Toxins and MTH-68:
A Cancer Chronicles Special Double Issue (Summer 1996)

The relationship between microorganisms and cancer continues to exert a fascination. For the first time scientists have linked a particular kind of cancer (gastric lymphoma) to a bacterial infection, H. pylori. In this special issue we look at two treatments that rely on the use of byproducts of microorganisms. Coley's toxins is a 100+ year old treatment that is made from the toxins of Streptooccus pyogenes and Serratia marcescens. MTH-68 is an attenuated strain of the Newcastle Disease virus. Both show promise in the treatment of a variety of cancers and are extremely intriguing to anyone concerned with the future of cancer therapy .
16 pages - $5.00

Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. is director of the The Moss Reports for cancer patients. Dr. Moss is the author of eleven books and three documentaries on cancer-related topics. He is or has been an advisor on alternative cancer treatments to the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, the American Urological Association, Columbia University, the University of Texas, the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the German Society of Oncology. He wrote the first article on alternative medicine for the Encyclopedia Britannica yearbook. He is listed in Marquis Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in the East, and Who's Who in Entertainment (as a film documentarian). This Web site does not advocate any particular treatment for cancer. We urge you to always seek competent medical advice for all health problems, especially cancer. Before consulting our site please read our full Disclaimer statement.

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