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Q.Each report consists of hundreds of pages. What does it contain?

A. Each Moss Report contains an explanation and critique of the conventional approach to the disease. This might include a discussion of the innovative uses of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. There is a discussion of medical clinics that have experience and success in treating cancer. These may include clinics in the U.S, Europe, Latin America, etc. There is also a discussion of treatments that the patient can do at home. These do not involve any travel, foreign or domestic. Some of them are nutritional or involve food supplements. Others have to be ordered from abroad and require the cooperation of skilled medical personnel.

Q. What makes The Moss Reports unique?

A. The Moss Reports are based on the character and experience of Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.

Basically, you are getting the fruit of his knowledge, experience, and judgment after more a quarter century in this field. He soberly evaluates the claims of both conventional and nonconventional practitioners. Many people consider him the world's leading expert on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) approaches to cancer.

Q. My doctor says that all "alternative medicine" is "unproven" and "dangerous." What does Dr. Moss have to say about this?

A.Today, CAM has gained serious interest, so much so that the Journal of the American Medical Association has devoted a special issue to the topic, with some positive articles.

And there is still some charlatanism in the field. Dr. Moss's goal is to sort out what is valuable from what is useless in the treatment of cancer.

Q. I have heard that Dr. Moss wrote a book against the use of this chemotherapy. Is he against conventional treatment?

A. Ralph Moss is a strong advocate of rational treatment. In his view, a treatment is rational if it has been proven to improve patient welfare. Examples of such improvement are (a) cure of the cancer; (b) significant prolongation of life; or (c) improvement in quality of life.

For some kinds of cancer, chemotherapy (as well as radiation therapy) can be life saving. These include acute lymphocytic leukemia of children (ALL) and Hodgkin's disease, as well as some others. For other kinds, chemotherapy almost certainly extends life. These include ovarian cancer, some colon cancer, small cell lung cancer, etc. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy may shrink tumors, when that is medically necessary, and in relieving pain (such as from bone metastases). Sometimes the combination of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy have made a substantial difference in the outcome of treatment.

In many other cases, chemotherapy (or radiation therapy) is more of a gamble than a proven therapy. He pulls no punches in telling you when that is so.

Q. My relative hopes that conventional medicine will help her. I want to send a report, but am afraid it will make her lose hope.

A. Faith is highly conducive to healing. The Moss Reports encourage you to work cooperatively with your oncologist. Many people tell us that the Moss Reports offered them a realistic basis of hope, especially in the new treatments that it discusses.

How can I order?

You can order your Moss Report HERE via our secure order form. You can also call our office toll free at 800-980-1234. Our lines are now open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Some clients prefer to fax in their order: our fax number is 814-238-5865.

Q. How long does it take to get a Moss Report?

A. Usually, it is sent out the within one or two days by Federal Express. Occasionally, if it is a very rare kind of cancer,it may take somewhat longer, but usually no more than a week.

Q. How much does the report cost?

A. The price of a complete report (conventional treatments, alternative clinics, and at-home treatments) is $297.

Q. Can I see a sample of what I will be getting?

A. Yes, we have uploaded samples of the section on the conventional treatment of several particular kinds of cancer.Each report is different, however.

List of Moss Reports Available

Sample Moss Report on Ampulla of Vater

Sample Moss Report on Epithelioid Sarcoma

Sample Moss Report on Anorectal Melanoma

Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. is director of the The Moss Reports for cancer patients. Dr. Moss is the author of eleven books and three documentaries on cancer-related topics. He is or has been an advisor on alternative cancer treatments to the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, the American Urological Association, Columbia University, the University of Texas, the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the German Society of Oncology. He wrote the first article on alternative medicine for the Encyclopedia Britannica yearbook. He is listed in Marquis Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in the East, and Who's Who in Entertainment (as a film documentarian). This Web site does not advocate any particular treatment for cancer. We urge you to always seek competent medical advice for all health problems, especially cancer. Before consulting our site please read our full Disclaimer statement.

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