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This testimony was delivered on the second day of of the historic Hearings of the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, Dan Burton, Chairman (R-IN), 2/12/98.

Like the earlier testimony of 2/4/98, for about one month it will be available at the Committe's own Web site:

In order to assure more permanence on the Web, we have downloaded all the speeches from this second day of hearings and linked to them.

FDA Hearings of February 12, 1998

Chairman Dan Burton

Opening Statement

[Powerful statement from the Chairman of the Committee, expressing his resolve to reform the situation at FDA.]

Panel I

Honorable Peter DeFazio


[Wise words from the sponsor of the Access to Medical Treatment Act. Note in particular his demand that NCI move forward with the POMES process.]

Honorable James Moran


[Moving appeal for change from a U.S. Congressman whose own daughter was stricken with a rare tumor. How he used a combination of conventional and alterantive approaches to save her.]

Honorable Ed Gochenour

Georgia State Senator

[A state senator who developed brain cancer explains what happened to him when he sought an unconventional approach.]

Panel II

Dr. Lyle E. Cheadle and his daughter Janet

[The incredible story of how the FDA blocked Dr. Cheadle from getting the Burzynski treatment for his daughter, because they felt it would serve no useful research purpose.]

Panel III

Tammy Geurkink Born, MD

[A member of the Michigan state medical board tells what really goes on behind closed doors at the meetings and conventions of "quackbusters."]

Peter Mattiessen, MD

[A leading physician from Germany tells us how "medical pluralism" first developed in his country, and what has been the result.]

James S. Gordon, MD

[The first chairman of the OAM advisory board and professor at the Georgetown University Medical School proposes a vast increase in the budget, scope and independence of the OAM.]

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