Travels and Appearances
© 1997 by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.

Since the summer of 1997, I have done a fair amount of travelling to both speak and learn about alternative cancer treatments.


In early August, I was an invited guest at the POMES meeting called by the National Cancer Institute and the Office of Alternative Medicine. I will give my thoughts on this historic meeting elsewhere in this issue.

Wonderful Copenhagen

My wife and I next travelled to Denmark where I spoke at the HealthTrends 2000 meeting in mid- August. This was a wonderful event, and a high water mark of cooperation between alternative advocates and practitioners in Scandinavia and the United States. The Conference stirred uop quite a bit of attention in Scandinavia. If you read Danish, there is a cover story about my appearance in a fine magazine called Tidslerne (Thistle). This is published by an organization of 2,500 cancer patients using alternative medicine in Denmark. Since Denmark has about five million people, this is the equivalent of an organization of a million or so in the United States.

In their article they called me "en utraettelig sandhedssøger," i.e. "a tireless seeker after truth." I appreciate the compliment. All in all, HealthTrends 2000 was a great conference and we made many friends over there. Many Americans came to share their knowledge, too many to even mention here. Samuel Epstein, M.D. gave an outstanding keynote speech. Claus Hancke, M.D., conference organizer, Merete Birkelund, Tidslerne's founder, and Helen K. Riis, vice president, were just a few of the many individuals who made this such a special occasion. And Copenhagen is indeed more wonderful than the modest Danes claim it to be.

Third International Congress

In September, I jointly led a seminar on cancer with Mary Ann Richardson, Ph.D. of the University of Texas at the Third Annual International Congress on Alternative and Complementary Medicine, in Arlington, VA. This was a very well-attended and successful event. Michael Schachter, M.D. was kind enough to fly down from Rockland County, where he has his thriving clinic, to join us for the session. He spoke about his own experience in cancer therapy, and even shared some of his thoughts about the Vonderplanitz raw food diet, which we deal with elsewhere in this issue.

German Trip

At the end of October I am on the road again, this time to Baden-Baden where I will address the annual meeting of the Germany Oncology Society. Their "Krebskongress" will be held at the "Kongresszentrum" in Baden-Baden on November 1 and 2, 1997. My speech will be from 2:25 pm to 3:05 pm and is entitled "Grenzen der Chemotherapie" i.e., Questioning Chemotherapy. I will be introduced by my old friend, Dr. Hans Nieper, founder of the Society, who is translating my book of that title into German this year.

The German Oncology Society represents the more holistically oriented cancer doctors in that country. But it is a sign of the times that this society is now larger than the conventional (chemotherapy-oriented) society. Inquiries about this meeting or the Society should be addressed to Josef Beuth, M.D. of the University of Cologne, tel. 0221-478-3065, fax 0221-43-81-56.

It will be very interesting to compare the German approach to cancer with our own. I then plan to visit five cancer hospitals and clinics in southern Germany and northern Switzerland. It is also noteworthy that leaders of the German cancer movement were also invited to the POMES meeting in Bethesda this summer.

Twin Cities

The following weekend, I am speaking at the Twin Cities Natural Health Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center. On November 9, I will speak twice (appropriately enough): from Noon to 1:30 pm on "The Cancer Industry/An Exposé" and from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm on "What's New in Alternative Cancer Therapy." This is my first visit to the Twin Cities and I am very eager to meet readers in that area. Other speakers at the event will include Jason Theodosakis, M.D. author of the #1 best seller, The Arthritis Cure, and Leo Galland, M.D., formerly chief of research for the Gesell Institute. It should be a very interesting meeting. For more information please contact:

Paul Barry Health Seminars
244 Hamline Avenue South
St. Paul, MN 55015
Phone: 612-698-5026
Fax: 612-698-0304

Toronto Health Fair

Right after Thanksgiving, I will be appearing in Toronto at the Health Fare at the downtown Convention Center, on Saturday, November 29 and Sunday, November 30. After appearing there for several years in a row I skipped last year's event. Thus it will be great to make contact with many of my old Canadian friends. Look for me at the Equinox Press booth.

Other trips are coming up. I will try to keep you all posted about where I will be next, so that we can meet and talk about this incredible world of alternative cancer treatments.

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Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. is director of the The Moss Reports for cancer patients. Dr. Moss is the author of eleven books and three documentaries on cancer-related topics. He is or has been an advisor on alternative cancer treatments to the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, the American Urological Association, Columbia University, the University of Texas, the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the German Society of Oncology. He wrote the first article on alternative medicine for the Encyclopedia Britannica yearbook. He is listed in Marquis Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in the East, and Who's Who in Entertainment (as a film documentarian). This Web site does not advocate any particular treatment for cancer. We urge you to always seek competent medical advice for all health problems, especially cancer. Before consulting our site please read our full Disclaimer statement.

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